History of CHF

Community Health Foundation of Wright County/CHF is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. For more than 25 years CHF has been in the Wright County community. CHF focused on community health projects and began programs such as the Connect Retreat for cancer survivors. In 2008 CHF partnered with Elim Care to focus the CHF mission on hospice and end of life care in Wright County, MN. Out of this partnership Lakeside Oasis began serving in July of 2014. Lakeside Oasis provides comfort care at the end of life in the spirit of hospice. Hospice services are available to those patients requesting hospice care.

Lakeside Oasis opened in July 2014 and is proudly serving patients at end of life and also providing a soothing and peaceful environment for patients and their families. CHF continues to support Lakeside Oasis to ensure this serene and peaceful home-like environment is there for those in need in Wright County.